Education for PhD candidates

About our programme

The Research school for Media Studies, RMeS, provides an educational programme for PhD researchers in the field of Media Studies. Each academic year RMeS organises a dynamic and changing educational program for PhD’s, touching upon current theory and research in Media Studies and various theoretical and methodological approaches. By participating in the program PhD researchers will meet national and international experts in Media Studies, as well as fellow (PhD and other) researchers. Through its educational program RMeS therefore ensures that active PhD’s will be able to create an extended network of contacts in Media Studies and related fields.
More information about enrolling with RMeS can be found here.

RMeS offers PhD researchers a core curriculum consisting of

  • Winter School/graduate seminar, 2 ECTS
  • Summer School, 2 ECTS or 5 ECTS

In addition, PhD’s are expressly invited to participate in

  • Master classes, lectures, seminars and workshops (usually offered for 1 to 3 ECTS)

Upon request, they can furthermore sit in on courses offered primarily for RMa students, such as

  • Trending Topics, 6 EC
  • Platformisation: Transforming key economic sectors and spheres of life, 6 EC

PhD researchers who are enrolled with RMeS are entitled to follow all master classes and extra activities, and the Winter and Summer schools two times each within a four year-period. Participating in more educational activities is possible, after consultation of the coordinator.
PhD’s who are members of other research schools can also participate in events and courses organised by RMeS, but in certain cases (for instance, the Summer and Winter schools) a fee is required.

Winter school

The Winter school is a yearly 2-day event for PhD researchers only. It combines a graduate seminar, in which the PhD’s will present on their dissertation-in-progress and receive professional feedback from a selected reviewer, with several lectures from national or international experts in our field on current topics, and with one practical session focussed upon methodological issues.

Summer school

The summer school is a multiple-day, yearly event, each time taking place at a different university participating in RMeS. It is intended for PhD’s as well as for RMa students. Each year the summer school focusses on a different topic, and often it is combined with a national or international conference.

Master classes, lectures, seminars and workshops

Every year RMeS offers various master classes, workshops etcetera, usually for 1 ECTS, and occasionally for 2 or 3 ECTS. Sometimes these events are offered in partnerships with other research schools or departments of various universities. Often the amount of participants is limited and registration is required. Master classes are one-day events featuring national or international scholars of fame. PhD’s are expected to participate actively, not only by reading the assigned materials beforehand, and presenting during the events, but also by participating in discussions, acting as referees, chairing discussions and sessions, and even organising events. Senior researchers are welcome to join master classes and other events; frequently RMa students are welcome too, which will be explicitly mentioned in the announcement.