Information regarding the courses and events of the educational programme 2018-19 will be updated regularly. Please check back here in a couple of weeks. Find some general information under ‘Education for PhD candidates‘  (for PhD’s) or ‘Education for RMa Students‘ (research master students).

  • RMeS Masterclass: Fandom and Audience Studies Methodologies

    1 July, 2019

    When? Monday 1 July 2019 | Where? HU University of Applied Sciences, Creative Business – Room number: 3.072, Heidelberglaan 15 Utrecht | For? PhD Candidates and RMa Students and other interested | ECTS? 1 ECTS (for RMa Students and PhD candidates only) | Confirmed Speakers? Lori Morimoto | Organization and introduction? Dr. Nicolle Lamerichs | More information