Education for RMa-students

About our programme

RMeS offers research master-students in Media Studies a comprehensive educational programme, which combines broad overviews of our field with in-depth research and methodological approaches. Students will become familiar with current theory and research in Media Studies and related fields and with the various approaches that are and can be practiced. Furthermore, by participating in the program RMa-students will be able to meet national and international experts in our field, as well as fellow RMa-students and PhD researchers. Becoming a member of RMeS therefore offers you the possibility of creating an extended network in the field of Media Studies.
Read more about becoming a RMa-member of RMeS here.

RMeS offers RMa-students a core curriculum consisting of

  • Summer school, 5 EC
  • Spring course Trending Topics, 6 EC
  • Spring course Disinformation and Media: Cultures, Infrastructures, and Regulation, 6 EC

In addition, RMa-students are invited to participate in

  • Tutorials, 6 EC
  • Master classes, lectures, and additional courses (usually offered for 1 to 3 EC)

RMa students who are members of RMeS can participate free of charge in the educational programme for up to 12 EC in two years. After successfully participating in a course, master class, lecture, etc., the student will receive a certificate from RMeS, which can be exchanged for credit at the local Graduate School.
Access to courses or master classes for students who are not members of RMeS is only possible in exceptional cases and will not be free of charge. The coordinator and course manager will decide per case if individual request can be honoured.

Research master course

The research master course Trending Topics has been specially developed for research master students.


Tutorials are intensive courses for limited groups, focused on one topic.


The summer school is a yearly event, each time taking place at a different university participating in RMeS. Each year the summer school focusses on a different topic, and often it is combined with a national or international conference. In 2021 RMeS organised a summer school on “Media, Inequalities and Social Change” at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2022 the summer school was hosted by University of Amsterdam. It was focused upon “Communities of Feeling”.

Master classes, lectures and additional courses

Every year RMeS offers various master classes, lectures, seminars and/or additional courses. Usually these are 1 ECTS, occasionally 2 or 3 ECTS. Sometimes these events are offered in partnerships with other research schools or departments of various universities. Often the amount of participants is limited and registration is required. Active participation and fulfillments of all requirements and assignments is necessary to receive a certificate of credit(s).

Master classes are one-day events featuring national or international scholars of fame.