Information regarding the courses and events of the educational program 2018-19 will be updated regularly. Please check back here in a couple of weeks. Find some general information under ‘Education for PhD candidates‘  (for PhD’s) or ‘Education for RMa Students‘ (research master students).

  • The [urban interfaces] graduate seminar 2018-2019


    12 February, 2019 - 20 March, 2019

    The Right to the City & Urban Commons

    Outline for the 2019 [urban interfaces] graduate seminar series at Utrecht University

    Dates: 12 & 26 February 2019, 12 March (seminars); 19-20 March 2019 (workshop) | Location: MCW Lab, Kromme Nieuwegracht 20, Utrecht | Organized by: Nanna Verhoeff, Michiel de Lange, Sigrid Merx, and Lotte van der Molen from the [urban interfaces] research group at Utrecht University | ECTS: 4 EC |  | Fee: € 10,00 (partly covering coffee/lunch during workshop), please bring exact change on the first day of the workshop (March 19) | More information

    Registration via:
    Please be sure to specify your master programme, national research school and university

  • RMeS Seminar: Exploring Death… and Ways to Live

    14 February, 2019 - 22 February, 2019

    A RMeS Seminar On Contemporary Theory, Creativity, The Earth And Us.

    Organized by Dr. Rick Dolphijn UU/HKU
    featuring Rosi Braidotti, Susanne Winterling and others

    When? February 2019, Exact dates see below | Where? Utrecht University / University of Amsterdam | For? PhD Candidates and RMa Students | Credits?  2 ECTS | More information

    THE SEMINAR IS FULLY BOOKED, please send an e-mail to with your name, university and research school. We will put you on our waiting list.

    February 14, 2019 | Utrecht University
    Dr. Rick Dolphijn
    Close Reading Session: Still Alive and Already Dead

    February 21, 2019 | University of Amsterdam
    Rosi Braidotti, Rick Dolphijn and Susanne Winterling
    Workshop: a Necropolitics of Life

    February 22, 2019
    Sonic Acts Festival
    Rethinking Death… and Ways to Live

  • RMeS RMa Course: Trending Topics

    15 February, 2019 - 15 March, 2019

    When? 15 & 22 February, 1 & 8 March 13.00 – 17.00 / presentation day: 22 March 2019. 12.00 – 18.00 / deadline paper: 29 March | Where? University of Amsterdam, University Library – Belle van Zuylenzaal, Singel 425 Amsterdam | ECTS? 6 | Coordinator? Dr Alex Gekker (UvA) | Guest lectures by? Dr Eugenie Brinkema (UvA), Dr Catherine Lord (UvA), Dr Robert Prey (RUG), Dr Arno v/d Hoeven (EUR), Prof. dr Sybille Lammes (UL), Dr René Glas (UU), Dr Jasper van Vught (UU), Prof. dr. Mark Deuze (UvA), Tim Groot Kormelink MA (VU) | Organisation? RMeS | For? First and second year RMa students in Media Studies, who are a member of a Dutch Graduate Research School (onderzoekschool). Students who are members of RMeS will have first access. RMeS staff and PhD researchers are welcome to sit in on specific sessions; please send an e-mail to RMeS if you intend to attend one or more seminar sessions: | More information

    THE COURSE IS FULLY BOOKED, please send an e-mail to with your name, university and research school. We will put you on our waiting list.


    13.00-17.00 on Friday, February 15th, 2019: “Engaging Spectatorship”

    • Dr Eugenie Brinkema (Guest researcher UvA)
    • Dr Catherine Lord (UvA)

    13.00-17.00 on Friday, February 22nd, 2019: “Audio Lives”

    • Dr Robert Prey (RUG)
    • Dr Arno v/d Hoeven (EUR)

    13.00-17.00 on Friday, March 1st, 2019 “Playing Digitally”

    • Prof. dr Sybille Lammes (UL)
    • Dr René Glas and Dr Jasper van Vught (UU)

    13.00-17.00 on Friday, March 8th, 2019: “New News” 

    • Prof. dr. Mark Deuze (UvA)
    • Tim Groot Kormelink MA (VU)
  • RMeS Workshop Appnography: Researching the apps of life and the life of apps

    1 April, 2019

    Workshop organized by Dr Rik Smit (RUG), within the context of the RMeS PhD Workshop Grant

    When? 1 April 2019 | Where? University of Groningen, TBA | Time? 10.00 – 17.30 | Coordinator? Dr Rik Smit (RUG) | ECTS? 1 EC | Open to? PhD’s and research master students, max 20 participants | More information

  • RMeS RMa Course: Contemporary approaches to digital cultures: platforms, politics, performances and people

    5 April, 2019 - 10 April, 2019

    When? 5 April, 12 April, 26 April, 3 May and 10 May 2019. 13:00-17:00 | Where? Erasmus University Rotterdam, Polak 1-20| For? PhD Candidates and RMa Students | Credits? 6 ECTS | Coordination? Dr Payal Arora (Erasmus University Rotterdam – ERMeCC) | More information

    THE SEMINAR IS FULLY BOOKED, please send an e-mail with your name, university and research school to We will put you on our waiting list.