Masterclass with Prof. José van Dijck at KNIR

The emergence of social media over the past fifteen years has had a notable impact on the daily lives of European citizens. Particularly in the field of politics and city governance, the surge of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have changed the communication and media landscape. This masterclass will address 1) the impact of social media on political communication in Italy and 2) its impact on local governance and citizen engagement. We will focus on Italy and Rome as highly interesting battle fields of mediated politics and governance in a volatile European environment.

Synergy conference 2019

7 February 2019
Synergy conference 2019 is a dynamic day full of insights, inspiration and interaction. From a 360-degree perspective, different angles on key topics impacting the SSH disciplines will be debated. In short: THINK360! One of the main conference topics is the impact of digitalisation on science and on our everyday lives.

Call for Papers: International Journal of Cultural Studies

15 February 2019
In contexts of migration and transnational mobility, spheres of lived sociality have long spanned borders and nation-state territories. More recently, however, the use of mobile digital devices has become ubiquitous within many forms of migratory mobility, especially when they come paired with the latest iteration of Web 2.0, or “the social web.” Yet these developments in media technologies not only allow for information exchange but also foster a globally mediatized emotional exchange, which leads to new interactions between media, migration, and emotion. As the use of these devices and platforms penetrates the most intimate relationships and exchanges shaped by transnational distances and mobility, we are reminded anew of how migration has always been shaped by more than rational, economic considerations.

Conference: The Audience Turn in Journalism Studies

22 January 2019 – 25 January 2019 | KNAW – Trippenhuis
During this Academy colloquium, international academics will highlight the links and contrasts in their research findings relating to digital and other news use and practices. They will also formulate challenges for the study of this rapidly evolving research area.

Book: Images of Dutchness – by Sarah Dellmann

Images of Dutchness Popular Visual Culture, Early Cinema and the Emergence of a National Cliché, 1800-1914 Why do early films present the Netherlands as a country full of canals and windmills, where people wear traditional costumes and wooden shoes, while industries and modern urban life are all but absent? Images of Dutchness investigates the roots […]

CfP Soapbox: Journal for Cultural Analysis

For this issue, we encourage thinking ‘Off the Grid’ – calling for papers that envision and/or enact within, outside, through or against systems of perception, matter, energy and space. Papers might explore perspectives against logics that distribute power across concepts and cables, design and tarmac, techniques and technologies.

Call for Book Reviews – Junctions

For the upcoming issue of Junctions, Utrecht University’s Graduate Journal of the Humanities, we are looking for graduate students who are keen on getting experience in writing for academic journals to submit book reviews. Junctions aims to connect the different disciplines of the Humanities by collecting disciplinary and interdisciplinary texts that are accessible to readers from across the Humanities.


Deadline 1 december 2018
Het ROSANNA Fonds ondersteunt getalenteerde kansarme vrouwelijke studenten en onderzoekers bij hun carrière aan de Universiteit Utrecht. Het fonds biedt vrouwelijke studenten en onderzoekers financiële steun om hun academische ambities te verwezenlijken. Het ROSANNA Fonds zet zich in om hoger onderwijs toegankelijker te maken voor vrouwen, zodat een getalenteerde wetenschapster niet buiten de boot valt door een tekort aan financiële middelen.

The 2nd International Amsterdam Comics Conference: “Drawing Yourself In and Out of It”:

Call for Papers “Drawing Yourself In and Out of It”: The 2nd International Amsterdam Comics Conference Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 15-17 November 2018 Amsterdam Comics is pleased to announce its 2nd international conference, “Drawing Yourself In and Out of It,” which will take place from 15-17 November 2018 at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands. Comprised of parallel […]