Annual Report RMeS

The Netherlands Graduate Research School for Media Studies, RMeS, offers education for PhD candidates and research master-students from all universities in the Netherlands, while also acting as a hub within a national network of academic experts in media research. RMeS aims to provide excellent, state of the art education in Media Studies, and to provide a platform for early career researchers as well as senior academics who want to exchange expertise, build coalitions between various research groups, to coordinate and prepare joined grant applications, and to represent the field of Media Studies at national and international levels.

In 2021 13 PhD candidates and 30 RMA students joined RMeS. Besides her yearly core curriculum, consisting of a summer school, winter school, RMA-course and tutorials, RMeS offered an array of other activities in 2021, including masterclasses, workshops and symposia. On several occasions such events where organized with different partners from the field.

For more information about the activities of RMeS in 2021, her educational programme, organisational structure and budget, see the Annual Report 2021.