Enrolment with RMeS

To join the Research school Media Studies (RMeS), PhD-researchers and RMa-students will have to be enrolled by their local Graduate School (GS). This cannot be done on a personal basis. After enrolment by the GS, new members of RMeS will receive confirmation of their subscription from RMeS.

At the beginning of their research-project, PhD’s compile an education and supervision-plan (“opleidings- en begeleidingsplan”, or OBP) together with their supervisors. Included in the OBP is the national research school where the PhD candidate expects to follow the majority of their courses, and in which they therefore should be enrolled. If you are a RMa-student, your local Graduate School should in principle enquire at the beginning of the master-trajectory which research school you want to join.

When in doubt about your enrolment with RMeS, or if you are uncertain whom your representative at the local GS is, contact the office of RMeS, via rmes@rug.nl.