Symposium Sea Mediations: Hydro-criticism and Tidal Thinking

30-31 May 2024 | University of Amsterdam
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Over the past decade, as part of a larger tendency in humanities, media studies has become ‘elemental’, i.e. the field has become attuned to its constituent parts, especially to the substances and substrates that compose media (Starosielski 2019). Media technologies, their materiality, hardware, and energy are connected with geophysical nature: nature affords and bears the weight of media culture.

Vacancy: PhD position – Critical Approaches to Streaming Data (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Deadline: 15 May 2024 More information: The Erasmus School of History, Culture, and Communication is looking for a PhD candidate on the subject of critical approaches to streaming data. JOB DESCRIPTION The Erasmus School of History, Culture, and Communication (ESHCC) at Erasmus University Rotterdam is excited to offer a challenging and innovative PhD position […]

RMeS Digital Ethnography Seminar Series 2024: Tools, Ethics, Futures

April – December 2024 | Utrecht University (Hybrid)
We invite interested persons to join our series of six seminars in 2024, to explore the power, potential, challenges, and ethics of digital ethnography as a lens. Each event in the series is a 90-minute session (hybrid format) that focuses on a specific topic and highlights the work of 1-2 practiced and well-regarded digital ethnographers. The speakers will spend the first 30 minutes talking about their own approach or responding to pre-selected questions, which will then prompt the direction for wider discussion among participants.