S02E09 In Media Res RMeS/NICA special: Thomas Poell

In Media Res podcast

This is the third of three special episodes that were recorded during the RMeS/NICA career event in June 2023. In this episode, Bjorn Beijnon (UvA) interviews Thomas Poell, Professor of Data, Culture & Institutions at the University of Amsterdam. Thomas tells about his journey as an academic scholar and gives tips and tricks on how to thrive in academia. How do you know if academia is the place where you want to work in? How do you get recognized within a university as a starting scholar?  In this episode Thomas provides some tips, tricks, and practical suggestions for these questions.

Listen to the Podcast here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6axChUQKlSdb9QwK2MfBDS