RMeS Seminar: Exploring Death… and Ways to Live

Exploring Death… and Ways to Live
A RMeS Seminar On Contemporary Theory, Creativity, The Earth And Us.

Organized by Dr. Rick Dolphijn UU/HKU
featuring Rosi Braidotti, Susanne Winterling and others

When? February 2019, Exact dates see below
Utrecht University / University of Amsterdam
PhD Candidates and RMa Students

THE SEMINAR IS FULLY BOOKED, please send an e-mail to rmes-fgw@uva.nl with your name, university and research school. We will put you on our waiting list.

Platform for Posthuman Ecologies and the Contemporary (post)-Humanities (Utrecht University) /Sonic Acts Festival
With the Research School or Media Studies (RMeS)

“I meant to write about death, only life came breaking in as usual.”

Virginia Woolf

At the interstices of contemporary philosophy and contemporary art, psychoanalysis and ecology, we get together for a triptych of events that explore the concepts of death and life differently. Leaving modernist and anthropocentric oppositions behind us, our aim is to explore how different ideas of death give rise to different forms of life, to how these concepts relate to the organic and the inorganic, to space and time. Doing these explorations, we keep asking ourselves how thinking death and life otherwise allows us to practice an affirmative politics worthy of the earth today. How is a necropolitics through art and theory offering us new tools to think our earth in pain and to be a valuable part of it? With a close reading session, a workshop with prominent guests and a festival visit and intervention, this RMeS seminar aims to map some key thoughts that relate to life and death from a posthuman perspective

February 14, 2019 | Utrecht University
Dr. Rick Dolphijn
Close Reading Session: Still Alive and Already Dead


  • Gilles Deleuze 2004 Painting Forces (from 56 to 64) in: Francis Bacon; the Logic of Sensation.
  • Continuum.
  • Michel Serres 1995 Dream (from 123 to 139) in: Genesis. University of Michigan Press.

February 21, 2019 | University of Amsterdam
Rosi Braidotti, Rick Dolphijn and Susanne Winterling
Workshop: a Necropolitics of Life


  • Braidotti, Rosi (2019) excerpts from Posthuman Knowledge
  • Dolphijn, Rick (2018) The world, the mat(t)er of thought. In Michel Serres and the Crises of the Contemporary. Bloomsbury
  • Serres, Michel, Janina Pigaht and Rick Dolphijn (2018) A new culture to suit the world. In Michel Serres and the Crises of the Contemporary. Bloomsbury
  • Yazdani, Sara Elina Rundgren; Winterling, Susanne M. (2015) New Forms of Life: The Physicality and Poetics of Pictures. Objektiv. Tidskrift for kamerabasert kunst.

February 22, 2019
Sonic Acts Festival
Rethinking Death… and Ways to Live