Episode 5 of In Media Res season 2 is out now: Mirko Tobias Schäfer

Bjorn Beijnon (UvA) interviews Mirko Tobias Schäfer (UU), Associate Professor at the Department for Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University. His publications cover user participation in cultural production, datafication, politics of software design and communication in social media. In this episode, Mirko shares his experiences with the co-creation of knowledge with partners ‘in the field’. As one of the co-founders of the Utrecht Data School, Mirko evaluates how you as a researcher build relationships with stakeholders in your research, and how you make sure that your research is also impactful. What are the best ways to find partnerships with institutions and organizations? How do you find the right balance between what your partners want and what you want as a researcher? Mirko provides some tips, tricks, and many practical suggestions in this interview.

Listen to the podcast here!