Masterclass: Edwin Jurriëns (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Video Vanguard: Towards an Ecology of Indonesian Visual Culture

Utrecht University’s Centre for Television in Transition, in collaboration with Research School for Media Studies, invites to a master class by an Indonesian expert:

Thursday, November 19, 2 – 5 p.m.
Room 0.06, Janskerkhof 13 , Utrecht University
Deadline for registration is November 16, 2015 (email to


Edwin Jurriëns is Convenor of Asian Studies and Lecturer in Indonesian Studies at the Asia Institute, Faculty of Arts, The University of Melbourne. He is also Adjunct Lecturer with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, The University of New South Wales, Canberra. His teaching, research and engagement activities focus on contemporary art, the media and popular culture in Asia, especially Indonesia. He is editor of the Asian Visual Cultures book series of Amsterdam University Press, and member of the editorial boards of Antropologi Indonesia (Indonesian Journal of Social and Cultural Anthropology) and the International Journal of Indonesian Studies.

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Video Vanguard: Towards an Ecology of Indonesian Visual Culture

The masterclass will be opened by Edwin Jurriëns, in which he will talk about Indonesian new media art that attempts to provide alternatives to the increasingly commercialised media, arts and public life after the fall of the authoritarian New Order regime (1967-1998). New media art here refers to DIY culture, citizen networks and creative experimentation and collaboration beyond the main media and art institutions. In his talk, Jurriens seeks to demonstrate that the various initiatives are part of a creative vanguard of the digital age. This vanguard creates awareness about and alternative models for the interaction between the ‘three ecologies’ (Guattari 1989) of mental, social and natural environments.

After this presentation, three papers by doctoral candidates that deal with the intersection between new media and arts will be presented, followed by discussion.

Paper proposals should not be longer than 500 words, plus literature, a short biographical statement en contact information.

This master class is primarily directed to doctoral students in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies and Indonesian studies at Dutch Universities. Interested students of Research Master Programmes in the same area and interested colleagues are also welcome to register.

PhD researchers and Research Master students who are a member of RMeS or another National Graduate Research School and want to earn credit (1 ECTS), are required to read the reading materials and apply central concepts discussed in the articles on their own original case studies, which will be discussed during the discussion session.

Reading materials

  1. Jurriëns, Edwin. 2012. ‘Between Utopia and real world: Indonesia’s avant-garde new media art’. Indonesia and the Malay World, pp. 1-28.
  2. Guattari, Felix. 1989. ‘The three Ecologies’. New Formations, 131-147.


  • Deadline for registration is November 16, 2015 (email to
  • Deadline for submission of a proposal for a short paper presentation (15 minutes) is November 9, 2015 (email to
  • Readings for the masterclass will be distributed in advance.
  • Participation in the masterclass is free of charge.
  • For further questions, please contact the organizer of the masterclass Bram Hendrawan (