Workshop: Pioneering Journalism (University of Groningen)


18 April 2018 – University of Groningen

Van Swinderen Huys, Oude Boteringestraat 19, Groningen

A workshop organised by Groningen Centre for Media and Journalism Studies Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture (ICOG) University of Groningen

In this workshop we bring together leading scholars from the field of journalism studies to address issues of journalism, media innovation and civic culture. The main aim of the contributions is to question the way in which technological innovation is foregrounded over social change, and the extent to which earlier practices and epistemologies of journalism remain dominant or are fundamentally reconsidered. Here, the contributors raise critical questions, provide insight drawing on empirical analysis and present new theoretical and methodological frameworks that allow us to ask: what forms of innovation in journalism and adjacent fields are meaningful towards addressing some of the fundamental challenges that journalism is facing in interpreting and portraying the complex social world? We pay particular attention to those actors in the field that can be seen as ‘pioneers’ (Hepp) who change the rules of the game by becoming role models for others, and ultimately address those practices that expand the scope and relevance of journalism.

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16:00 Opening and welcome to ICOG and Groningen Centre for Media and Journalism Studies: Marcel Broersma

16:05: Introduction to the theme of the workshop ~ Tamara Witschge

16:15 Who are pioneers and why do they matter? ~ Wiebke Loosen

16:30 Civic Technologists as Pioneers in Journalism ~ Stefan Baack

16:45 Incorporating Emotional and Aesthetic Meaning of Data in News ~ Chris Anderson

17:15 Roundtable ~ moderator Mark Deuze

18:00:18:30 drinks