Three open postdoc positions at the Centre for Media and Journalism Studies (RUG)

The Centre for Media and Journalism Studies at the University of Groningen offers three open postdoc positions;

Digital platforms, Algorithms and Informed Citizenship (within the Humane AI theme) 
The development of algorithmically structured (social) media platforms changes how citizens are informed, how political and cultural identities are shaped discursively, and what levels of digital literacy citizens need in order to meaningfully participate in society. This project explores the social, cultural and political implications of the interaction between humans, AI, data and digital platforms.

Platforms, Cultural Consumption and Taste Formation (within the theme: Cultural Heritage and Identity – Creative industries, Media and Popular Culture)

As cultural consumption increasingly occurs through online platforms that employ automated recommendation systems, there is an urgent need to understand how contemporary taste affinities and boundaries are cultivated and drawn through practices and styles of consumption. This project will examine taste formation through platforms (Tiktok, YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, etc.) and the implications for cultural identities, social cohesion and political polarization.

 Media and Digital In- and Exclusion (within the theme: Communication, information and social inequalities in a digital world).

Digitalisation and the ubiquity of online platforms offer opportunities for having better access to public services, being better informed and more participation in public debate and decision making processes. At the same time, there are major risks of digital exclusion; millions of citizens are not digitally literate enough to fully participate in a digital society. Projects within this theme could study media and digital in- and exclusion in different domains of everyday life from the perspectives of citizens, but could also focus on the role of institutions, or analyse (social) media texts.

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