Shut Up & Write that PhD!

When? Every Tuesday morning from 9-12
Where? Zoom
For? PhD Candidates
Registration? If you’re interested in joining us, please send an email to and we will share the zoom link with you.

Esther Hammelburg and Aris Emmanouloudis started weekly Shut Up & Write sessions, and invite other PhD candidates to join. Every Tuesday morning from 9-12 we shut up and write together in a (UvA-secured) Zoom session. This means 3 hours of putting away all distractions and focusing on PhD work. We do advice to take small breaks in between – you could use a pomodoro timer – but stay away from distractions such as news websites, email and social media during the allotted time. It truly helps focus and progress. The sessions also provide a chance for meeting other PhD candidates in RMeS, especially now we are working from home.

What a session looks like:
9 am camera and mic on for check-in: share what you are working on and goals
Write! Mic muted, camera on/off following own preference
12 pm camera and mic on for catch up: share about writing experience and review goals