RMeS reading group: current research in Media Studies

The RMeS reading group is an initiative of the PhD council to facilitate moments to read, present, and discuss amongst peers your research as an RMa or PhD student in the field Media Studies. Every two months, the reading group will come together to read the submitted work of members of the reading group. During a 2-hour session, the work will be presented and discussed, which does not only provide feedback for the ones who submit, but also an opportunity for discussants to stay up to date with current research in the broad field of Media Studies. The reading group does not only offer depth through the discussed content, but also ways of connecting with other peers in an informal setting, as every session will be closed with drinks.

Every session will be held at a different RMeS affiliated university. Where possible, sessions will be offered hybrid, although there is a preference for physical face-to-face presentations and discussions. Sessions will be held on the following days:

  • Friday 18 November 15.00-18.00 at Tilburg University – D Building – Room D10
  • Friday 13 January 15.00-18.00 at University of Groningen
  • Friday 10 March 15.00-18.00 at Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Friday 12 May 15.00-18.00 at Leiden University
  • Friday 30 June 15.00-18.00 at Erasmus University Rotterdam

To get the most out of these sessions, we encourage you to be present at all of the sessions.

Although sessions are facilitated by the PhD council, the content will be provided and chosen by the reading group; the reading group will be self-managing.

Content that can be discussed in the reading group can range from RMa papers, drafts of PhD dissertation chapters, articles, or conference papers. Preferably, the work submitted for the reading group is written by members of the group. Topics of the work should be linked to Media Studies.

You can enroll for the reading group by registering via the website.

For questions of any kind, please contact us via RMeS@rug.nl.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

The RMeS PhD council
Bartosz, Bjorn, Dennis, Jeroen, Welmoed & Zheyu