RMeS Network Event: Finding your Path in Media Studies

When? Friday 30 September from 15.15-18.00
Where? Utrecht University, Janskerkhof 2-3, Room 019
Registration? via website
Registration will open on 1 September 2022.
Please register no later than Wednesday 28 September

When starting a research career in Media Studies, you would expect to work with traditional media outlets, such as cinema, television, and theatre. Due to the digital turn and convergence, these types of media all seem to have moved into new and hybrid forms that have become embodied in platforms. Such a transition has required media scholars to apply their knowledge of traditional media in a new light: for example, the impact of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime on the experience of cinematic media content, or the transformation of live viewership on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Moreover, the global connectivity with other consumers on platforms has radically shifted how we think about transferring information and consuming media content. Exemplary are the interconnectedness that global communities experience on platforms such as Discord, but also the global viral trends that quickly occur on TikTok. In short, media and their consumption have not only changed due to platformization, but the pathways media scholars could take in studying them seem to have multiplied.

In this network event, we invite PhDs and RMAs to think of possible paths that media scholars could take in the everchanging field of Media Studies. Guest speaker dr. David Nieborg, Associate Professor of Media Studies (University of Toronto) & Visiting Professor (University of Amsterdam), will share the pathway that he took in applying and tranforming his knowledge in Media Studies, and in particular Game Studies, to the new field of Platform Studies.

In his lecture called ‘What I learned from following the money (& the data) in the platform economy’, dr. Nieborg will speak of how the platformisation of media content has led to a new type of economy. The platform economy is bewilderingly complex. What kind of platform data do you have access to as a researcher? And, how can concepts from neighboring fields, such as “multi-sided markets” and “boundary resources,” helps us to better understand platform-dependent cultural production? In his lecture, dr. Nieborg will discuss the theories and methods one can use to unpack institutional platform power by reviewing case studies that include app stores, the game industry, and Facebook Messenger. In addition, he will discuss more practical matters, such as publishing strategies, working across continents, and other lessons learned from a decade of platform studies scholarship.

The network event will exist of three activities:

  1. Guest speaker David Nieborg: ‘What I learned from following the money (& the data) in the platform economy’
  2. Academic speed date
  3. All participants can get to know each other and exchange ideas while enjoying free drinks.

The event will take place in the inner city of Utrecht at Utrecht University on Friday 30 September from 15.00-18.00. The specific location will be announced later.

Please register no later than Wednesday 28 September and let us know if you want to join in person or online. I

For questions of any kind, please contact us via RMeS@rug.nl.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

The RMeS PhD council
(Bartosz, Bjorn, Dennis, Jeroen, Welmoed & Zheyu)