Public Lecture: Computer Vision & Audiovisual Data @ Utrecht University

Distant Viewing & Audiovisual Data

Lauren Tilton & Taylor Arnold (University of Richmond)

When: 18 November 2019 15:00-16:30
Where: Grote Zaal MCW Muntstraat 2a Utrecht University
Organised by: CLARIAH WP5 Audiovisual Data and Media Studies

In their lecture, Lauren Tilton and Taylor Arnold will elaborate on the possibilities of distant viewing for television, film & media
studies. They will furthermore discuss some of the work done at The Distant Viewing Lab: founded to use and develop computer vision techniques to analyse visual culture on a large scale.

Tilton & Arnold endeavour to develop tools, methods, and datasets that can be re-used by other researchers. Their lab furthermore engages closely with critical cultural and data studies, aiming to make explicit the interpretive act of algorithmic logic.

For more information on their project: