Lisette Derksen | Radio Rocks!

Lisette Derksen | Radio Rocks! University of Groningen RUG, ICOG research centre Promotor(es): Prof. Dr. H.B.M. Wijfjes |  February 2020 – February 2024 | l.derksen[at]

In a society where every organisation strives for the attention of overwhelmed consumers, constant development seems key for long term existence. Creative industry is regarded as an example of this capacity, but the experienced medium of radio is overlooked in this perspective. Whilst radio has always been adapting to political change, technological challenges and competition, but always stayed true to its core concept, now even platform-free. This study focusses on the flexible capacity of radio in the last three decades from the perspective of ambidexterity management theory; managing exploitation and exploration simultaneously. The focus is on the programming and marketing of public broadcasting pop music radiostations in Western Europe. With an innovative eye for music, not hindered much by commercial laws, but challenged by and adapting to an always turbulent environment, how does radio adapt constantly to political change, technological challenges and competition, through its programming and marketing?