Guest Blogposts from the first session of The Magic City are live now!

For our [urban interfaces] seminar series on the theme The Magic City (2021-2022), we invited participants to write blogposts. The best and most interesting ones were published on the [urban interfaces] website.

The first blogpost was written by Kim Sommer, a student of the Media, Art and Performance program at Utrecht University. Although her background is in Film and Literary Studies, her present interests lie primarily with affect, (post)phenomenology and new materialism as conceptual lenses to explore and probe the boundaries of expanded cinema. She is currently the manager of the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis, and works as a teaching/student assistant at Leiden University and the University of Amsterdam.

Jason Clark wrote the second blogpost. He is a RMa student in Cultural Analysis, which is a part of ASCA and NICA. He is currently writing his thesis on his research interests of embodiment and positionality within museum and art space contexts through sound and noise theory.

The third blogpost was written by Verena Kämpken. She currently studies the research master Arts, Media and Literary Studies at RUG. She gravitates towards questions of STS, New Media/Critical Data Studies, New Materialisms and their intersections.