RMeS Workshop Cautious labour: Exploring cultural workers’ negotiation of digital visibility in the era of promotional and surveillance culture

Workshop organised by dr. Qian Huang (RUG) within the context of the RMeS PhD workshop Grant, in collaboration with dr. Claudio Celis Bueno (UvA) within the context of UvA Global Digital Culture Event Grant

When: 4 November 2024, 9:00-18:00 hrs | Where: University of Amsterdam, location & room TBD | ECTS: 1EC | For: PhDs and research master students who are a member of a Dutch Graduate Research School (onderzoekschool). Students who are members of RMeS will have first access | More information

Registration will open 11 September 2024.

Please note that this event is also open for other participants via registration from GDC, but the credit will only be awarded to RMeS members who register via RMeS.