Episode 5 of our “In Media Res” podcast is now live!

In our latest episode, three members of the PhD council interview three attendees of the RMeS Winter School of 2022. First, Jeroen Boom (RU) interviews Rianne Riemens who is currently working on her PhD at Radboud University where she investigates the green ideology of big tech platforms that informs our material reality. Second, Constanza Gajardo Leon (VU) interviews Karla Zavala Barreda on her PhD at the University of Amsterdam which revolves around application ecologies and learning software aimed at young children. Last, Bjorn Beijnon (UvA) interviews Alexander Smit on his PhD at the University of Groningen in which he examines how illiterate and/or low-literate adults understand, conceptualize and practice digital literacies within their everyday lives.

Listen to the latest episode of the “In Media Res” podcast now via https://lnkd.in/dDtqmYRD