Surveillance Microcosms: A GDC Masterclass by Dr Mathias Klang

4 December 2023 | University of Amsterdam
One of the side effects of surveillance capitalism’s drive to collect endless amounts of data about us is the rise in large amounts of technological apps, platforms, and gadgets available at low cost to the consumer. These technologies, when implemented as such, are able to provide the user with a sophisticated infrastructure of surveillance for the monitoring of themselves, their family, friends, property, and neighborhood—essentially turning each of us into the equivalent of surveillance microcosms.

RMeS PhD Masterclass: Researching Platform Pedagogies

13 December 2023 | University of Groningen
In recent years, the concept of a platform has gained traction as a way of explaining new kinds of economic, social and civic structure. Originally used to describe a specific interface or website, the idea of a platform has come to stand for the ways that digital services and online participation operate through an integrated array of back-end services and analytics as well as a series of user-facing affordances and interactions across devices/screens that are platform agnostic. The platform thus brings together how an individual at a micro level might, for example, make a purchase, communicate with others, post an opinion, utilise a service and so on, with the socio-technical infrastructure which allows the state and commercial entities that run such platforms to monitor (surveil), harvest, and monetise the aggregated value of such data-driven interactions. Devices and technologies are now uncoupled from proprietary platforms allowing for the platform itself to derive power and authority across a series of markets.

RMeS Winter School | RMa Day

2 February 2024 | University of Groningen
This year we will organise a special RMa Day during our RMeS Winter School & Graduate Symposium. The sessions during the RMA Day of the RMeS Winter School will be primarily intended for 2nd-year RMA students, so that they can present their thesis proposals and receive constructive feedback from peers. It’s also possible to present another research topic you’re currently working on.

RMeS RMa course: The Materiality of Cinema

March – May 2024 | University of Groningen
Throughout this course, students will be introduced to five distinct approaches to understanding the materiality of cinema through the works of internationally renowned film thinkers and makers: the archival, the environmental, the archaeological, the technological, and the operational. One introductory session led by the course coordinators will introduce the students to the material turn in the humanities, while providing specific insights and tools for thinking the material within the domain of film and media studies.

RMeS RMa Course: Trending Topics – Engaging Objects

February – March 2024 | Utrecht University
Each spring, the Research School for Media Studies offers a Trending Topics course where faculty members from nine participating universities (UvA, UU, VU, EUR, UL, UM, RUG, RUN, TU) present the latest research in their fields of interest through a series of lectures and workshops. The course invites RMA students to participate in an international, cutting edge research environment, while earning credits towards their degree. It presents a unique opportunity to get to know other students and leading academics from all over The Netherlands, in an open setting of engaging and ambitious exchange that would prove particularly fruitful for students who are aspiring to pursue a future career in academic research or teaching. All nine universities accept the credits earned in this module.