Call for applications The Posthuman & New Materialism

27 August 2021 | Online

Entrance fee: Course fee for students: €350, course fee for non-students: €550
Registration: Application deadline: 1 May, 2021

From 16-27 August 2021 (on select days) the Utrecht Summer School Online Course The Posthuman & New Materialism by Prof Rosi Braidotti (Media and Culture Studies) will take place.

The 2021 intensive Summer School course will continue the tradition of neo-materialist, critical feminist posthuman theory that Braidotti is known for. It focusses on the intersections and divergences between two movements of thought that are close, but distinct. The posthuman turn is defined as the convergence, within the context of advanced or cognitive capitalism, of post- humanism on the one hand and post-anthropocentrism on the other.

The course

The course is offered entirely online and is sub-divided in 5 groups of 25 students maximum. Each group is led by a lecturer/tutor and Braidotti visits all of them in turn.
Each day is structured by a mixture of pre-recorded and live lectures by the course director and invited lecturers; live Q&A sessions with all the lecturers; tutorial groups, seminar sessions and artists labs. Informal meetings will also be encouraged at lunchtime and at leisure.

Competition for registration is strong so you are advised to apply early, as places are allocated on the basis of first come, first served.

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