Advan Navis Zubaidi: The Representation of Disabled People in Indonesia TV Programs

Advan Navis Zubaidi | VU University, Language and Communication Deapartment | Promotor: Prof. Irene Costera Meijer, supervisor: Dr Luuk Lagerwerf | Jan 2017 – Dec 2020 | advan.zubaidi[at]

There are various representations of disabled people on TV programs. Those representations may affect the way viewers interact with disabled people in daily life. In Indonesia, the disabled were often involved in three different genres; telenovela, talk shows, and reality show. It could be argued that involving the disabled may easily attract viewers’ attention.

My study aims to look into the way Indonesia television represent the disabled in their TV programs. I will focus on four research questions; how are disabled people represented in Indonesia TV programs in comparison with able-bodied people in similar circumstances (role and genre)?, how do TV programs containing disabled people affect attitudes of TV viewers?, how do TV programs containing disabled people affect disabled people’s emotions who were involved in the programs?, what are producers’ deliberations in producing TV programs containing disabled people?. Several methodologies will be applied, including content analysis work, survey, and in-depth interview to find how the disabled often represented Indonesia TV programs.