RMeS Electives: Corporeal Literacy (Utrecht University)

When? Block 4 (24-04-2017 until 30-06-2017)
Where? Utrecht University
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Literacy, according to the OED, describes the unreflected capacity of being able to read, but also denotes a particular condition with respect to knowledge, awareness and experience: the capacity to engage with that what is being read in a well-informed and critical way. Literacy often gets associated with words, with verbal language and books, but can also describe other reading skills, as, for example, in visual literacy. Corporeal literacy is a strategic term meant to make space for a further expansion of the notion of literacy to include our bodily engagement with what we find ourselves confronted with. In this course, we study texts by (among others) Mark Hansen, Lakof and Johnson, Shaun Gallagher, Vivian Sobchack , Laura Marks and Brian Rotman. Students are invited to explore the potential of these readings for the analysis of encounters with media of different kinds.

Career orientation:
The course trains skills in critical reading and analysis of media, art and performance objects and allows students to develop rhetorical argumentation, which can be applied to a variety of professional fields (cultural institutions, academia, education, etc.)

NOTE: This is not an RMeS core activity but an elective announced on this site solely for  your information. You should register for this course through the university that offers it, and the credits you will earn will also be given out by that university. If your program includes a requirement to earn credits from a national research school, the credits for this elective do not count towards that requirement. You may need to acquire the permission of your programme coordinator and/or board of examinations in order to participate and earn credits for this elective.