RMeS Workshop Grant

RMeS introduces an annual Workshop Grant that enables graduated PhDs to organize a workshop around the theme of their dissertation and share their results and expertise with a new generation of young scholars. The Grant is intended to acknowledge original and innovative contributions to the field of media studies and to highlight the work of talented scholars at the beginning of their careers.

The Grant provides a maximum of €1000 to cover costs for organizing the event (e.g., catering, travel and accommodation for any guest speakers), including a personal fee of €250).


  • Candidates are to submit a short workshop proposal, including an estimate of the expected costs. The RMeS Advisory Board, in consultation with the RMeS PhD council, will select a shortlist of candidates, after which the former will pick the grantee.
  • The workshop is intended for PhD Candidates and RMa Students. Attendees must earn 1 EC through attendance and an assignment. This assignment is to be designed and graded by the organizer, supervised by a professor in order to guarantee the quality of the workshop.
  • Recipients must be RMeS-members* who have obtained their PhD no longer than four years ago. (* they must be or have been RMeS PhD candidates)
  • Formal requirements for the workshop and the assignment can be found in the form: Guideline workshop proposal. If you have questions, do not hesitate the RMeS Office: RMeS-fgw[at]uva.nl.
  • Use the form: Guideline workshop proposal, to submit your proposal and send your proposal before 15 June 2017 to RMeS-fgw[at]uva.nl. The workshop will be scheduled for the educational programme 2017-2018, in consultation with RMeS.