RMeS Tutorials – Bernhard Rieder & Carolyn Birdsall

RMeS Tutorials

When?  between 2 April – 28 June 2013
Where? University of Amsterdam
For whom? First and second year research master students in Media Studies and related fields
Offered by? the Research School for Media Studies (RMeS), as part of the RMa curriculum
Fee? (non-members): € 250,00
Credits? 6 ECTS
Participants? min. 3, max. 6
Deadline? TBA (ca. 15 March)

Bernhard Rieder: Software as Object of Cultural Analysis (6 EC)

Software is a puzzling object. Written like text but functioning like a machine it differs from other forms of technology/media by the way it is built, distributed, and used. At the same time, software has become ubiquitous: from enterprise management to online environments, from the most critical to the very banal, computer programs are part of a continuously growing part of everyday practices. But how to study these objects, how to conceive them intellectually? This tutorial aims at having a closer look at the emerging field of “software studies” but will also consider literature concerning adjunct subjects that may prove useful for understanding the phenomenon at hand, such as the history and theory of statistics, accounting, and information processing. Our guiding question will be: how does software introduce specific modes of structuring communication, interaction, and cultural production?
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Carolyn Birdsall: Sound Media and Aesthetics  (6 EC)

In recent decades there has been a growing interest in sound, listening and audio culture within the broader field of media studies. In this tutorial, we will initially examine the significance and emergence of modern sound media (from the gramophone and wireless radio to tape technology and digital sound). After engaging with media historical perspectives, we will discuss the aesthetic dimensions to sound practice, its media-specific forms and modes of listening. The tutorial will introduce key concepts for sound analysis (including voice, noise, music, rhythm, acoustic space) and theoretical texts by McLuhan, Kittler, Chion, Altman, and others. Participants will be invited to discuss these texts in relation to contemporary examples, and to develop their own research interest with a specific object of analysis.
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Program and assignments

The tutorials consist of two parts: 2 to 4 group-meetings with the teacher, in which the assigned readings will be discussed, and subsequently intensive individual supervision in writing a paper on a subject related to the theme of the tutorial, over email and/or in person. Readings and assignments will be announced in due time.

These tutorials are part of the RMeS curriculum for RMa students. This curriculum continues with the RMeS Summerschool, June 10 – 14 2012.