RMeS Summer School 2017: Visual Methodologies

Beyond seeing: Digital methods for the study of memes, selfies, emoticons, short format video and other online visual matter

When? June 28-30, 2017
Where? University of Amsterdam
For? PhD Candidates and RMa Students
ECTS? 2 ECTS / 5 ECTS (with paper)
Organizers? Prof. Richard Rogers (UvA/RMeS)

The 2017 Digital Methods Summer School is dedicated to visual methodologies. Iconography, semiotics, framing analysis and multimodal analysis are among the approaches that may be applied to digital materials, but what kinds of so-called ‘natively’ digital methods can be added for visual analysis? The Summer School is devoted to exploring visual methodologies from digital methods, including protocol diagrams, cultural analytics, most engaged with content, visual network analysis and visual data analytics. The theme is timely. Social media has brought with it a turn towards visual communication content (for example, memes, selfies, emoticons, short format video in snapchat and Instagram stories), while this visual turn intersects with a growing infrastructure for machine vision (e.g., face recognition and automated censorship). Digital tools have led to so-called new aesthetics (for instance, glitch art, and computer-generated art), while data abundance has pushed for new and more efficient ways for telling stories in fields such as data journalism. During the Summer School we explore how may one do research with and on these objects, but also learn to critique the modes of knowing they propose.

More information will follow soon