RMeS Network Event: How do You…Communicate to a General Public?

How do You…Communicate to a General Public?

A workshop on making your work popular

Date and Time: April 13 from 13:00 to 17:00 at Utrecht University

RMeS is happy to invite you to the 2017 edition of our annual RMA and PhD network event. This year’s event will focus on popular academic writing and presenting Media Studies research to a non-specialist audience.

In line with the previous editions of the RMeS network event — which covered the topic of methodology (2014), the process of (re)writing (2015), and career paths in and beyond media studies (2016) — this year’s program will tackle the topic of popular academic communication. How to tailor your writing and communication to a non-specialist audience? How to write or present in a catchy and attractive way without sacrificing the richness, complexity, and nuance of academic research? What kind of stylistic devices and presentation techniques can help you to communicate your research in a lively and understandable way? How to reach out to a broader audience via non-specialist media and communication channels?

For all RMA students and PhD-candidates eager to master the skill of popular academic writing and communication: this is the event to attend!

The 2017 RMeS network event will have a workshop set-up that consists of two parts:

  1. Dan Hassler-Forest (Media Studies, Utrecht University) will speak about writing and communicating in a popular academic manner, and provide you with many tips and tricks based on personal experience. Dan Hassler-Forest is a media and English literature scholar who publishes on topics ranging from comics and graphic novels to superhero movies, transmedia and media convergence. Dan frequently speaks at public venues, such as the EYE Film Museum, Felix Meritis, Spui25, De Rode Hoed, and ‘de Universiteit van Nederland’. He is also a recurring presence in (popular) news media, giving interviews on films and television culture for television, radio, and the printed press. After Dan’s presentation, there will be a response by Sandra Wagemakers (PhD at Tilburg University) who plans to write a popular academic publication based on her PhD research.
  2. Participants will apply the hands-on approach presented in the first part of the event to their own research and writing. Within a small group of peers, you will brainstorm about the possibilities and pitfalls for communicating your own work to a general public. The groups will then select the research of one of their members as a case study for which they develop a “popular academic writing and communication plan” that advices on which communication channels, stylistic modes, and presentation formats would be suitable for this specific case.

Registration: Please register no later than April 1st

The event will take place at Drift 25, room 3.02 in Utrecht, with drinks & snacks afterwards.

For questions of any kind please contact us by email at phdcouncil.rmes@gmail.com

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

The RMeS PhD Council (Simone Driessen, Sjors Martens, Tim Groot Kormelink, Sofie Willemsen, Rik Spanjers, Lianne Toussaint, Sanne Rotmeijer)