Masterclass: ‘Media Events: Past, Present and Future’ with professor Paddy Scannell

Media Events: Past, Present and Future
with professor Paddy Scannell

The University of Amsterdam in collaboration with Research School for Media Studies (RMeS) and the ASCA Cross-Media Seminar, invites you to a masterclass by professor Paddy Scannell, an early pioneer of media studies:

When? Friday 9 December 2016, 10-13h
Where? Vondelzaal (UBA), Singel 425, University of Amsterdam
For? PhD Candidates and RMa Students
Credits? 1 ECTS
Registration? The deadline for registration is 6th December 2016


The masterclass will be opened by Paddy Scannell. He will discuss the problematic status of ‘events’ in academic historiography and contrast this with the relationship between events and history as disclosed by broadcast news. At the heart of this relationship is the work of witnessing and narrating–the two necessary processes that make ‘media events’ (Dayan and Katz 1992) whose subtitle is ‘The live broadcasting of history’. After this presentation, two doctoral candidates will present their research connecting to this topic followed by a discussion.
Paper proposals should not be longer than 300 words and include a short biographical statement and contact information.
This master class is primarily directed to doctoral students in Media Studies at Dutch Universities. Interested students of Research Master Programs in the same area and interested colleagues are also welcome to register.

Also note that Thursday 8 December 2016 there will be a seminar with professor Scannell  on ‘The Future of Live’ | 16.00 – 18.00 (followed by drinks) | Sweelinckzaal, Drift 21 (Utrecht) | Utrecht University . Please register for the event here


Paddy Scannell joined the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Michigan in 2006, after many years at the University of Westminster, formerly the Polytechnic of Central London, UK. In 1975 he and his colleagues launched the first undergraduate degree course in Media Studies in the UK. He is a founding editor of Media, Culture & Society which began in 1979 and is now published eight times yearly.

He is co-author, with David Cardiff, of A social history of British broadcasting, 1922-1939 (1991), editor of Broadcast Talk (1991), author of Radio, television and modern life (Blackwell 1996) and co-editor, with Elihu Katz, of The end of television? Its impact on the world—so far (2009).  He is currently working on a trilogy, the first volume of which, Media and communication, was published in 2007 by Sage, UK.  The second volume, Television and the meaning of ‘live’ was published in 2014 by Polity Press, and the final volume, Love and communication, is in preparation

His research interests include broadcasting history and historiography; the analysis of talk; the phenomenology of communication and media; and communication in Africa.

Reading Materials:


  • Deadline for registration is 6th December, 2016
  • Deadline for submission of a proposal for a short paper presentation (15 minutes) is 2nd December, 2016 (e-mail to
  • Readings for the masterclass will be distributed in advance.
  • Participation in the masterclass is free of charge.
  • For further questions, please contact the organizer of the masterclass Markus Stauff (